3rd Annual Burgies Results
February 24, 2015
America’s Best Bars for March Madness
March 11, 2015

Burger & Beer Joint (Miami, Florida)

When visiting Boirgereau in Miami, I knew I would experience the city’s best burgers, starting with Burger & Beer Joint.

The name itself sounds seedy, which is exactly where I expect to find the sloppiest, tastiest burgers. Despite its trashy moniker, Burger & Beer Joint is very polished, albeit with “rebellious” details that conjure up images of wild and tough bikers on Harleys (their logo is, after all, designed to look like a tattoo). And the restroom is equally put-together  yet edgy, with wallpaper of practically life-size pinup girls, complete with fishnet tights and full-coverage 1940s two-piece swimsuits, a far cry from the bikinis you see girls trotting around in on South Beach (wallpaper by CCIO Group). I assume the men’s room was wallpapered with the same gals — funny how most women are totally fine with this, but most men would flip if there were half naked men all over the walls in their bathroom. The white counter and sinks were embedded with shards of glass in all different colors; it was sort of as if a grownup box of crayons exploded, and I really liked the effect. Finishing touches included slightly curved faucet handles and thin, ultra-modern toilet flushers. And I can’t forget the hallway leading to the restroom, lined with beer ads and photos, including one of a group of champion burger eaters who successfully demolished Burger & Beer Joint’s 10-pound Motherburger — $125, or free if you can finish it.

I love fancy burgers, so Boirgereau assured me I would love Burger & Beer Joint, and I did; their execution of fancy burgers is indeed some of the best. I ordered an 8 oz. monster topped with provolone, prosciutto, pineapple, bourbon barbecue sauce, tomato and a fried egg, topped off with a brioche fun “branded” like a cow with a Burger & Beer Joint “branding iron.” Scrumptious. I’m a burger master.