amazon 11-11 Nov

Amazon 11.11 Offers – Enjoy The Best Deals with Up To 70% + Off

While Amazon prime day is a dedicated sales festival for Amazon prime subscribers, the 11.11 offer is the global sales festival. And it has an almost similar effect on Amazon.

However, they do not provide an official 11.11 offer for the buyers. At least you will not see it in the United States. Amazon 11.11 offer was available only in a few countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, etc. This is a one-day sales festival with exotic deals which is held on 11th November.

Do you want to know more about this exciting offer? With this blog, let me walk through the 11.11 festival, precisely Amazon 11.11 offer festival.


amazon prime day history

11.11 is called singles’ day/ bachelors day. It refers to a Chinese unofficial holiday and shopping season for bachelors. And it was first celebrated at Nanjing University in 1993.

Although offline shopping was popular then, it became online by Alibaba group. To be precise, it is the sales festival from Alibaba group. After seeing the success, most of the online marketplaces adopt the same marketing strategy.

It started as an online sales festival back in 2009. And in the last year, Alibaba made 84.5 billion USD in sales on this day. In contrast, Amazon Prime Day made 11 billion. That requires no explanation of how it is the biggest sales festival online. Thus Amazon is trying to launch its singles singles day sales which started with fewer countries and is only available for Prime subscribers.

Exotic Amazon 11.11 Deals are Coming Soon

exotic amazon 11 11 deals

Amazon 11.11 offer is available in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. Like Alibaba, you will get exotic discounts and deals on this day. Let’s talk about the categories applied to this sales festival and what you will get.


It is always one of the most appealing categories that offer a wide variety of products with special discounts. Here you can enjoy up to 50% discount and special deals. And most sales come from exotic beauty products. Also, you will see bundle offer such as makeup sets, hair care sets, etc.

Health and Personal Care

Almost related to beauty products and offers more variation of products. Here you can get up to 80% discounts on certain products on this day. If you want to enhance your shopping experience and empty your wishlist, this is the best time to grab these exotic offers and get all of the wished products.


These days electronic products are in high demand. And often you will find the popular products expensive. Fortunately, Amazon 11.11 offer the best deals on popular electronics to make it possible to grab the best products at an affordable cost.

Home & Kitchen

There will be a sales festival without home and kitchen products that are never going to happen. You will have the chance to grab some of the exotic products at up to 75% discounts.


Fashion sales are always at the top of the list of everyone. And you will get better bundle offers such as buy one get one free and special discounts on singles’ day. Even if you wish to get the world’s renowned brand’s product, that will also come cheap compared to the normal days.


There is not much of a hurry in this category. However, the sales festival also applies to this category with special discounts. The discount can go up to 70%, and the buy one gets one free offer. My suggestion is to get outdoor camping gear and gym gear. These are the hot items of this category with maximum discount.

Baby and Toys

There are plenty of items that you can get from this category. And the discount amount is not that bad at all. With the wide variety of products, you will see the variation in deals and discounts.


Never forget about your pets. And you will see a huge amount of discounts on pet products. Whether you need a puppy playpen or a pigeon cage, you will get better deals on this day.


If you have a big wish list of books, this is high time to fulfilling your dream of buying all of these books at an affordable price. And if you get it in bundles, it can go cheaper.


Let’s check out some answers to the popular questions regarding Amazon 11.11 offer.

#1. Why is 11.11 a sale day?

11th November is called singles’ day or bachelors day in China. According to their tradition, it is the unofficial holiday and shopping festival for unmarried people. Then, it converted into an online sales festival with massive discount offers and deals.

#2. Is 11:11 or Black Friday bigger?

11.11 is the biggest sales festival online. If you compare last year’s sales volume, black Friday sales were 8.9 billion USD, whereas 11.11 sales were around 85 billion USD.

#3. Who started the 11:11 Sale?

It was started by Alibaba group in 2009. However, nowadays, most online marketplaces launch special sales festivals on this day. Still, this is the sales festival of Alibaba group and their sister concerns.

#4. What day is Amazon Prime Day?

2022 1st prime day was the 12th and 13th of July. And the 2nd prime day will be on October 11th and 12th. Make sure to grab the amazing offers from the biggest sales festival on Amazon.

#5. When did 11:11 start?

It started in 1993 at Nanjing University and quickly became popular among other universities. At the end of the 90s, it became one of the most popular festivals in China.


Amazon 11.11 offer does provide some discounts and deals. However, it comes from the seller’s end. And it is not been officially announced by Amazon. Also, if you want to get some discounts and special deals on Amazon, try Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday sales festival. However, customers wish to get an official 11.11 offer from Amazon as it started in Amazon UAE, SA, and SG. Also, you can get the best benefit of 11.11 sales from the Alibaba marketplaces.