Over the last few weeks I had been talking with my compatriot, The Burger Beast, about trying to do something together with our blogs. The perfect opportunity came up when we heard about the opening of the Burger and Beer Joint, where our two worlds meld into one. The Burger and Beer Joint is located in the less touristy area of South Beach, west of Alton Road, by the Venetian Causeway. It is located next to a cluster of restaurants (Sardinia, Joe Allen’s, etc.) that have had some staying power, considering the area. The Burger and Beer Joint is actually three different venues in one. You have the Burger and Beer Joint which is the restaurant portion and right now, the only section you can actually order the burgers in. You then have the B&B Sports Bar which is attached to the Burger and Beer Joint and can be accessed by going through an internal hallway or by using the Sports Bar’s private entrance. Located upstairs is the B&B Lounge.

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