Burger & Beer Joint Serves a 10-lb Hamburger

It is only fitting that on South Beach, that bastion of excess where hype and indulgence are king, that one can order a 10-lb hamburger.

Known as “The Mother Burger”, the 10-lb burger is sold at the newly opened Burger and Beer Joint, a place that sometimes takes itself a little too serious for being a burger and beer joint.

For $75 (now $125), you will get 10 pounds of angus beef on a 4 pound sesame seed bun along with two toppings and two sides.

It is the epitome of gluttony. An artery clogging, jaw-stretching , belly-bloating bitch of a burger.

Brought to the table on a pizza peel under much fanfare, The Mother Burger is cut into slices with a hacksaw and served to members of your party.

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