Reported by Lynn Martinez

May 12, 2015

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National Burger Month is winding down, but at one South Florida eatery, Burger Month is bigger than ever, and you might be bigger than ever too, after taking on the Mother Burger.

Burger and Beer Joint in Brickell is the home of the Mother Burger. This colossus of ground beef goes for $125, and it’s worth its weight in gold.

John Hall: “Around 18 pounds, the meat is 10 pounds, and when we end up with the toppings it’s around 18 pounds.”

The heavy lifting starts when the toppings come in to play.

John Hall: “You’ve got the choice of toppings, we have the signature one that is just two toppings, and you got the choice to choose any toppings. We have in the house about 20 toppings, and that’s up to you. You have to pay extra for it, that’s all.”

Your Mother Burger’s just not done until it’s got buns, hon. It takes a special bun indeed to make this big boy work.

John Hall: “The people who make the buns for Burger and Beer Joint actually make the custom bread for the Mother Burger.”

Here’s how you make a Mother Burger. A 10-pound angus beef patty as big as the moon is placed on the grill for cooking.

John Hall: “The actual burger itself is about 20 minutes about 10 each side.”

A bacon cheeseburger was ordered up. That meant 20 slices of American cheese and over a pound of bacon. Crown that with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and Mother is born. Now the fun really starts.

John Hall: “We make a big noise when the Mother Burger comes out.”

Once this meat monster hits the table, the hacksaw comes out to slice it up. There’s enough to feed a dozen of your best and hungriest friends.

John Hall: “I would say the amount of 12 to 13 people.”

The reviews are in, and the diners are delirious in their praise.

Female customer 1: “I am in like total shock right now. It’s so good, and I’m gonna eat all of it.”

Female customer 2: “It’s a hamburger, but just on a way different scale.”

Male customer: “This was like the size of my bicep, just my slice. It’s good, I love it.”

One word of advice: Don’t order the Mother Burger for take-out. There’s not enough room in your car to get it home.

John Hall: “We will have to cut it up exactly among the 12 pieces and put it in 12 containers to go.”

Burger & Beer Joint
900 S. Miami Avenue #130
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 523-2244

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