Best Italian Restaurants in Islamorada

Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Islamorada [Based On Yelp Reviews]

It’s said that Italian foods are best enjoyed on the beach. If you’re visiting Islamorada island in the Florida Keys, you’ll probably agree to that. One key reason is they’re shared among dear ones just as a good beach day.

Italian foods like pizza and pasta are the go-to choices for easy snacking for most visitors. Luckily, you won’t have trouble finding some best Italian restaurants in Islamorada. Check out the list below to decide on your go-to restaurant and drive down the overseas highway to make your stop at it.

These restaurants have answers for every portion of your hunger, whether it’s an appetite-stimulating Italian Caprese or caesar salad, hearty lasagna or pasta, mouthwatering & filling pizza, a cool cocktail shot, or a scoop of gelato. You may think the foods are pricy, but they’re not considering the eclectic and colorful experience you’re going to have!

5 Best Italian Restaurants in Islamorada in 2022

Here are our top 5 restaurants that offer signature Italian delicacies in a great atmosphere in Islamorada.

#1. Bayside Gourmet

bayside gourmet

Yelp Rating 4.5/5 from 388 reviews.

While driving down the serene Overseas Highway in Islamorada in Keys, you can satisfy your Italian food craving at the Bayside Gourmet. It has amazing goodwill for a clean atmosphere, tasty foods, and fair pricing. It’s even considered the best Italian restaurant in a radius of 20 miles here.

About the Restaurant

Located at MM 82.7, Bayside in Keys, the Bayside Gourmet is a combination of an Italian bakery, pizzeria, deli, and espresso. This local restaurant has established in 2018 with the pride of serving authentic Italian delicacies in romantic indoor and cool outdoor patio seating. It doesn’t have any more branches.

Services & Amenities

  • Opening hours are 11 AM to 9:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday; 11 AM to 10 PM on Friday & Saturday, and 11 AM to 9 PM on Sunday.
  • Delivery is available over the phone, with no online delivery.
  • Reservations, takeout, and catering are also available.
  • Credit card accepted.
  • Parking available.


  • There are appetizers like signature salads mozzarella Caprese, grilled mushroom portobello, and toasted bread recipe bruschetta. It also includes antipasto salad or some chef’s special salads which you can try with the lobster bisque soup.
  • Try out a variety of sandwiches here like Reuben, fish taco & Matecumbe, and burgers.
  • They offer popular 12 and 16 inches Italian pizzas. You’ll get a variety of toppings in authentic Italian-style pizzas such as Margherita, Saltimbocca, Ricotta, Meat lovers, and more.
  • The homemade lasagna is the highlight here. You’ll also find hearty Italian or Italian-American entrees like shrimp Francese or Pomodoro, and a wide variety of pasta such as cavatelli, tortellini, carbonara, and spaghetti. They’re served with flavorful herbs, veggies, and sauces.
  • There’s a great variety of Italian and French goodies or desserts like tiramisu, mousse, and croissants. You can also have different flavored cakes and pancakes, brownies, and muffins.
  • They offer imported and locally crafted beverages.


The pricing is pretty competitive and here’s how it goes:

  • Less than $10 for the breakfast and brunch items.
  • Appetizers like salads and soups at less than $10.
  • Pizzas are priced at $13 for small (12’’) and $17 for large (16’’) ones, and the plates of pasta cost $17.
  • Most chicken, veal, or shrimp dinner entrees are around $20.


The appetizers especially salads like Caprese and chicken caesar are much loved here. Pizza, lasagna, tortellini, or sandwiches are also the top picks. It’s a casual place with the cool vibe needed for eating such Italian gourmets. The staff is accommodating and the price is fair.

#2. Ciao Hound – Italian Kitchen & Bar

Ciao Hound - Italian Kitchen & Bar

Yelp rating 4/5 from 239 reviews

The magical Overseas Highway in Islamorada doesn’t only lead to the sea, but also some amazing Italian dining. Ciao Hound is one such place to check in if you’re visiting Keys and hungry for some Italian delicacies. The place is well acclaimed for its atmosphere, service, and authenticity.

About the Restaurant

In 84001 Overseas Hwy, you get the classic Ciao Hound Italian eatery with authentic Italian fares. Such as pasta, pizza, and cocktails in laid-back Keys style. The indoor and patio seating both are pleasant. There’s not much info about the establishment history and they’re only located in Islamorada doing a great job for quite some time now.

Services & Amenities

  • Opening hours every day from 8 AM to 11 AM and 5 PM to 10 PM.
  • Offers online delivery (you can find them on uber eats) and takeout.
  • Full bar.
  • Private lot parking available.
  • Accepts credit cards.


  • The breakfast menu has the classic Italian sandwich Panini, savory granola, and some European items like the bagel, waffles, eggs benedict, pancakes, etc.
  • You can order cheesy polenta & shrimp, burger, and pizza for the lunch.
  • For regular dinners, they’ve got classic Italian appetizers such as bruschetta, crispy calamari, shrimp scampi, and mussels arrabbiata. Don’t forget to order Italian salads such as antipasto, Caprese, or caesar.
  • They offer a wide variety of flavorful Italian pasta including spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, linguini Frutti di mare, etc.
  • There’s also a house special menu that includes Italian or Italian-American classics like Bistecca, lasagna bolognese, chicken marsala, Mahi Mahi, and baked chicken parmigiana.
  • You’ll get the classic tiramisu, zeppole, layer cake, and cannoli on the dessert menu.
  • They’ve got imported bottles & cans and also some home-crafted specialty cocktails.


It’s an expensive restaurant like most other restaurants on the island. The pricings are:

  • Cereals, granola, or toast are around $5, and classics like panini, waffles, and pancakes will cost around $13.
  • Appetizers like bruschetta, calamari, and meatballs cost around $16. The salads are also similarly priced.
  • The pasta and house specials like marsala or Mahi Mahi are priced between $20 to $28
  • They charge cocktails for $10 and juices and coffee for around $4.


They provide solid Italian foods. The pasta such as lobster ravioli, and appetizers like bruschetta or Caprese salad are the top picks. The atmosphere is delightful. The only concern is the price which seems higher compared to the portions.

#3. Mia Cucina in Islamorada

Mia Cucina

Yelp rating 3.5/5 from 22 reviews

You can get Naples in the heart of this island in Florida keys. Make your way into the lovely Cheeca Lodge and you’ll find a perfect Italian food arrangement—Mia Cucina. It’s a well-reputed lodge on the island and the restaurant is no exception. But yeah, it’s expensive!

About the Restaurant

The beautiful Cheeca Lodge, located at 81801 Overseas Hwy, started way back in 1946 and is been one of the most serene resorts here. Their dedicated Italian restaurant Mia Cucina started after a few years with lovely indoor and outdoor seating. They soon became the family place for classic Italian pizzas, pasta, entrees, and beverages. They have no more branches.

Services & Amenities

  • Opening hours are 12 PM to 9 PM from Tuesday to Friday, 5 PM to 10 PM on Saturday, and 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Sunday.
  • Offers takeout and catering.
  • No online or over-the-phone delivery is available
  • Only walk-in, no reservations
  • Accepts credit cards.
  • Full bar.
  • Parking available.


  • They offer Italian salad delicacies like Burrata and Campari Tomato Caprese as appetizers.
  • You can get some perfectly cooked pasta varieties including Segreta Bolognese, Primavera Fettucine, Clams Linguini, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and Shrimp Scampi with Capellini.
  • Their artisnal pizza collection includes Margherita & Funghi with Truffle Pizza, Bianca Spinach Alfredo, Mia Toscano, and more.
  • They’ve got some hearty Italian desserts like Tiramisu, Biscotti, and different flavors of gelato.
  • The full bar consists of a wide range of Italian beverages.


The restaurants in the lodges and resorts are generally expensive and the Mia Cucina is no exception. The pricing of major dishes includes:

  • $16 for the salads like burrata or Caprese
  • $25 for Pasta on average
  • $20 to $23 for the Pizza
  • Around $10 to $13 for desserts like tiramisu, biscotti, and gelato.


The pizza and pasta feel truly Italian in taste and appearance. The bolognese dishes and salads are delicious. The atmosphere and service are standard for a resort restaurant. The prices are higher, which is understandable for a place like this.

#4. Island Grill Restaurant

Island Grill

Yelp rating 3.5/5 from 542 reviews

In Islamorada, there are not many restaurants for Italian breakfasts. So if you’re an early riser, the Italian and seafood breakfast & brunch portions of this small roadside bistro should have your back. People find it very good for enjoying Italian delicacies with a sea view and live nightly music. They also have goodwill for service, the taste of the food, and fair pricing.

About the Restaurant

At 85501 Overseas Hwy, you get this lovely eatery for Italian and seafood delicacies. They don’t have any other branch. There’s not much info on their establishment history but they seem to be pretty well known here.

Services & Amenities

  • Opening hours are 9 AM to 9 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 9 AM to 10 PM on Friday & Saturday.
  • Offers takeout and catering but they don’t take reservations
  • Online delivery is available on the website or through apps like uber eats.
  • Casual dining has indoor and outdoor sitting with waiter service.
  • Full bar.
  • Parking available.
  • Accepts credit cards.


  • The breakfast menu consists of egg benedict, burrito, different kinds of toast, pancakes, sausage, and more.
  • They have Italian Caesar salad and also the coral reef and strawberry salads.
  • There’s a wide variety of sushi to have as Appys.
  • You can get fried calamari and some other delicious seafood delicacies like tuna nachos, smoked fish dip, coconut shrimp, etc.
  • Don’t miss amazing Italian pasta such as alfredo pasta, seafood pasta, truffle lobster, and mac & cheese.
  • They’ve got an excellent menu for handhelds that consists of different sandwiches and burgers. Known as one of the best burger restaurant.
  • You can try the chicken parmigiana, steaks, or lamb chops with a wide range of sides.
  • They’ve got gelato with different flavors, cheesecake, flan, and brownie on the dessert menu.
  • The beverage menu consists of home-crafted cocktails and beverages to quench your thirst to the fullest.


Compared to the restaurants in the Keys, the Island Grill is a fairly priced restaurant. The pricing goes like this:

  • $13 for Alfredo pasta, $24 for chicken parmigiana, and $16 for the sandwiches and burgers.
  • Seafood is pricy such as Mahi Mahi is $35, seafood pasta is $34, and lobster rolls are $29.
  • The fried calamari and other fish dishes are priced at $15 or less.
  • The Caesar salad is $13 with sides mostly around $6.
  • Most desserts and gelato cost around $8 to $10.


The restaurant mostly received positive reviews for its Italian and American classics. Their breakfasts and sushis are good and people also like pasta, Mahi Mahi, nachos, sandwiches, calamari, and coconut shrimp. The place is also loved for its great vibe and cool option for eating inside the deck or outside on the beach.

#5. Tower of Pizza Islamorada

Tower of Pizza

Yelp rating 3/5 from 135 reviews

If you’re in Islamorada or around the Florida keys, drive down the Overseas Highway to visit this decent Italian pizza house. The customer experience is overall good, however, some had a bitter experience with the number of toppings and cheese. So it’s better to inform the staff about your pizza preferences regarding these factors before the order.

About the Restaurant

Located at 81645 Overseas Hwy, the Pizza Tower has been operating since 1986 with many entertainment options for a perfect outing. The restaurant comes with a beautiful indoor setting to enjoy the Italian Pizzas and Pasta. They also have a branch in Key Largo.

Services & Amenities

  • Opening hours are 11 AM to 10 PM every day.
  • Offers online food delivery (find them on uber eats).
  • Casual indoor restaurant with waiter service.
  • Accepts credit cards.
  • Parking lot available.
  • Bar available.


  • The freshly prepared pizzas come with fresh-grated mozzarella available toppings; the Margherita with basil is special here. You can also try out the Mexican food or BBQ chicken pizza. You can also choose your ingredients and toppings to make a fav combo.
  • There’s also delectable Italian pasta like spaghetti and cheese ravioli. Also, try out some Hawaiian fish items like Mahi Mahi tacos, fish n chips, etc.
  • They have a wide variety of salads including some delicious Italian salads such as antipasto, chicken caesar, and albacore tuna salad.
  • The menu also consists of regular American appetizers like wings, fried zucchini, fries, garlic bread, etc.
  • You can get different sandwiches, burgers, chicken parmesan, hot pastrami, hot roast beef, and meatball for the dinner.
  • For beverages, you’ll mostly find imported bottles here.


The pricing is very reasonable, check out some of these include:

  • A 16’’ pizza will cost around $14 to $16.
  • The pasta and fish dishes are less than $10.
  • Italian salads like caesar or antipasto cost $8.
  • The appetizers are $5 on average.
  • Sandwiches and burgers are $8.25.


The restaurant has mixed reviews and the negative reviews are primarily because of inadequate toppings, cheese, and sauce. So make sure to notify the authority about your preferences for pizza to get what you want. Other than that, the pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches are good and cooked to perfection. The place and the service staff are also cool.

Final Words

Most of these top Italian restaurants in Islamorada are located on the Overseas Highway. So you won’t have trouble finding them. Being amidst the lap of nature, the places already have cool vibes for a perfect fooding experience. And for such experiences, you’re probably ready to pay some extra bucks as well!

The Italian foods are perfectly authentic here, especially the salads, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, desserts, and cocktails. So you’ll be happy having these amazing Italian delicacies in these natural settings. The menu isn’t identical, so you can check out the list above to make up your mind about the right Italian restaurant to check in.

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