Korean Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Top 5 Best Korean Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale 2022

Craving for some authentic Korean food but don’t find the right spot to go in Fort Lauderdale? Say no more, we are here to present the best Korean restaurant in Fort Lauderdale to help you taste the authenticity of the Korean cuisine and please your tastebuds.

You will find a quick overview of their menus, contact details, and locations to easily reach there for your sudden appetites. Let’s get started.

Best Korean Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale Recommendation for 2022

We picked these five restaurants based on their environment, variety in the menu, hygiene, and customer reviews. So, we hope you will find your desired place among them.

#1. Gabose Korean BBQ

Gabose Korean BBQ

At a Glance –

Their menu is divided into two categories. One is the Gabose menu and the other is the Pocha menu. These combinations of grill and BBQ will fill your mouth with unbelievable flavors and juiciness.

Menu & Price

In the Gabose menu, you will find Gool Jun, Hobak Jun, Sengsun Jun, Mastal Jun, Tukpoki, Yangheum Tofu, Gamja Jun, Hemul Pajun, Kimchi Jun, etc. A wide range of charcoal BBQ options is there such as Galbi Sal Gui, Woosul Gui, Chicken Gui, Shrimp Gui, Daeji Jumul Luk Gui, Jucumi Gui, etc.

And the Pocha menu contains Octopus, Fluke Fish, Starry Flounder, Abalone, Shrimp & Butter, etc. You will also get various rich dishes with different curries.


They are located at 4991 N University Dr. Lauderhill, FL 33351. You can call them at (954) 572-4800. The place remains closed from Sunday to Wednesday. There will be different timings for gabose and pocha menu which you will find on their official website.

#2. Takato

takato restaurant fort lauderdale

At a Glance –

Takato is a great place for Korean foods and cocktails. This is actually a Korean and Japanese fusion restaurant where you can experience a wide range of food from both cuisines.

Menu & Price

On the sushi menu, you will have tuna tartar, rainbow ceviche, hot hamachi, A5 wagyu tartar, salmon tataki, oysters, etc. There will be a lot of sashimi and nigiri on the menu as well.

The Maki Mono menu offers spicy tuna, salmon avocado, shrimp tempura, Takato dynamite, spicy yellowtail, Negi toro, etc. On the dinner menu, the popular choices are Kuro edamame, spicy edamame, wagyu galbi sliders, short rib kimchi taco, crispy tuna, crispy brussels sprouts, duck bao bun, etc.


Takato is located at 551 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. You can call them at (954) 414-5160 to arrange large parties or events. Their opening time is available on the official website.

#3. The Namu

The Namu restaurant fort lauderdale

At a Glance –

A lot of Korean delicacies along with Asian fusions are available here. From fresh edamame to fried Korean dumplings or fried seaweed rolls or pancake, you will find many items to tickle your tastebuds.

Menu & Price

The place serves excellent fried calamari and squid, fried panko jumbo shrimp, fried takoyaki balls, Japanese-style grilled mackerel, tteok bokki, hot stone pot bibimbap, spicy soft tofu soup, etc. Two different kinds of bibimbap are available here that are highly popular.

You will also find a variety of Japanese ramen here. Among them, the Kobe beef ramen is an all-time favorite. Various rice dishes and kimchi are also available on the menu.


You will find The Namu at 10317 Royal Palm Blvd Coral Springs, FL 33065. Call them at (754) 229-6772 for your reservations or order. The place stays open every day. Their opening time is from 11.30 am to 9.00 pm on Monday to Thursday.  On Friday and Saturday, the closing time will extend to 10.30 pm.

#4. Izziban Sushi & BBQ

Izziban Sushi & BBQ

At a Glance –

This new Korean restaurant Fort Lauderdale can be a great place to enjoy amazing BBQs with a wide range of sushi and sashimi.

Menu & Price

As sushi starters, they serve shrimp and vegetable tempura, crispy calamari, tataki, nigiri sampler, kobachi, etc.

As the entrees, you will find churashi, sashimi deluxe, nigiri deluxe, unagi don, tuna combo, salmon combo, spicy sashimi bowl, roll combo, and many more. There are some sushi boats like the Izziban boat, samurai boat, Hiroshi boat, Isamu boat, etc.

A wide variety of Korean rolls are available here. Katsu, teriyaki, bulgogi, and similar delicacies are also available in this place. Besides them, you will find different steaks and bento boxes.


You should go to 7225 W Oakland Park Blvd Lauderhill, FL 33313 to find this restaurant. Their contact number is (954) 368-6767. The opening time of this restaurant is at 12.00 pm every day and it remains open till 12.00 am the next day.

#5. Korean Manna BBQ Restaurant

Korean Manna BBQ Restaurant

At a Glance –

Though BBQ is the specialty of this restaurant, it serves a lot of noodle dishes to please hungry visitors. Bulgogi beef and galbi short ribs are absolutely popular among eaters. You can also try the spicy chicken BBQ and tangsuyuk from the BBQ menu.

Menu & Price

On the noodle menu, you will have various options like yaki udon noodles, pad thai noodles, jajang myeon, japchae, dduk bokki, etc. They also serve Korean spicy ramen, miso ramen, shoyu ramen, tonkotsu ramen, etc.

And you will find different dim sums like scallops dim sum, shrimp dim sum, vegetable dim sum, chicken shumai dim sum, etc. Bibimbap rice is very popular here with a lot of fresh vegetables and spicy chili paste.


Manna BBQ Restaurant is located at 4966 N University Dr. Lauderhill, FL 33351. You can call them at (954) 748-6088. The restaurant is open from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm on Tuesday to Sunday. And it remains closed on Monday.

Final Words

These Fort Lauderdale Korean restaurants will amaze you with their variety and taste. If you want authentic Korean taste along with Asian fusions as options, these restaurants are your must-go places.

Try them and explore the exotic taste of Korean food.

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